Bicep Workouts

Here I am going to show you the persons who did great work on their Biceps. After watching them you can know how hard they worked to get such great biceps..

Manfred Hoerbel

Initially every one cannot know himself  well because he does not know about his genetics. It differs from person to person. When I started, I had no any idea about how to get big arms. But I worked hard and got great biceps. So I feel much pleasure having great biceps. It is the best marketing tool if you are going to become a professional trainer.

Manfred Hoerbel Bicep Workout

Leroy Colbert

Hi I am Leroy Colbert. I am the first man who did build twenty one muscles arm without any drug. I am feeling much pleasure to show you about my biceps.

Leroy Colbert Bicep Workout

Robbie Robinson
I did my more concentration curls with barbell and receptiveness over so my torso is similar to the floor. Then I will curls the barbell slowly upward on each motion of resistance I feel resistance. When I was at the top I would hold for a while for flexing and cramping to my biceps. This workout is very hard and very painful when we do but it helps to create great density.

Robbie Robinson Bicep Workout

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