Vitamin D deficiency

It is said that vitamin D is the sun a shine. Because human body have the ability to create vitamin D by Sun. Every four or three people of USA having to face the problem of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency

How much vitamin D we need? According to the latest instruction from one year to 70 year age a certain amount of vitamin D needed. But new research says that it is wrong. Common reason of that is our weight.
According to Canadian research, big body need more vitamin D than the slim body. Most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is as under.

v  Heart problem
v  Circulatory (High blood pressure coronary disease)
v  Diabetes
v  Osteoporosis
v  Also there is much chance of death
v  Brain( Depression Schizophrenia)
v  Respiratory (Asthma Wheezing)
v  Muscle(Aches weakness)
These are the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Resources of Vitamin D

These are the things which are rich in vitamin D
v  Most common resources without any cost is Sun
v  Cheese, butter
v  Margarine
v  Fortified milk
v  Fish
v  Cereals

Significance and need of vitamin D

Every person should intake as much as possible vitamin D.  It is very hard to fulfil the deficiency of vitamin D from different types of food. So for this The person who have to face the problem of vitamin D they should sit more time in the sun and maintain themselves of their body weight.

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