How to make face so attractive

Every woman has the wish to look so attractive in their faces. It is only possible if they have a shining skin. Most women are worried about their lips and wrinkles below their eyes.  They try their best to remove it. There are many products on the market that have side effect. If you use home remedies then you can make your face so attractive, soft, and smooth and shine.

I can give you some tips that might help:

Usage of butter

It is the best tonic for the skin. If you use it permanently then as a result your face will be so fresh and beautiful. It has the characteristic to maintain natural beauty. Butter has Lyaktk which help you bleach your skin. After apply butter in your face wait 20 minutes and then wash your face with hot water. By this, your face will be completely clean.

Usage of orange for face

Orange is known by its use for health in winter season. So you should use it as much as possible .you can use this easy recipe. Use one teaspoon of orange juice mix with Turmeric. And then apply this mixture on your face at night. Wash your face with hot water at morning. By this you can remove the black wrinkle around your eyes and your face will be so clear and white.

Usage of honey

It is said that honey is the best skin cleaner.  Black wrinkle accrues when the skin dries below the eyes. And also with the lack of blood this wrinkle accrues. Usually, Young girls and old age women face this problem. To avoid that, Apply honey on your face for ten minutes and by this your skin will be shining. Also, the dead cells in your face will be automatically removed.
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