How to lose weight fast

This day it is biggest problem of obesity. Every one want to be fit and smart healthy forever. So for this I bring for you best description about weight loss by fattest way without any side effect. It is very cheap way to eradicate your weight. It is useable for all age guys. For this follow me. This is the world best Recipe for weight loss by fastest way.
How to lose weight fast

First Recipe:

How to lose weight fast

-At the morning time take one glass water of Squeeze lemon. And then after one hour take breakfast.
Reduce the usage of cold drink, artificial sweet dish and ice cream and try to run wake as much as possible. And don’t take food until unless you feel hunger. Please eat food in with moderate and take light food. When you opt this habit it will help a lot to decrease the weight of your body.

Second Recipe:

How to lose weight fast

Nigella seeds: 50 gram
Sweat of lemon: according to need
Usage method:
Take a cup and put Nigella seeds and sweat of limo as much as the Nigella seeds sinks in the limo sweat and then keep them Smothered.
When Nigella seeds dray. Then make powder of this seeds. The then takes this powder daily one table spoon. With this do exercise  daily to lose belly.

Third Recipe

How to lose weight fast

Roasted  gram dal is very good for those people who want to reduce the weight it is very best food. It is full of fiber and off  chiknai. And it is more quantity protein
-it is the best source of iron
-Regular use of its save from Constipation.
-it control the level of cholesterol  

Fourth Recipe

How to lose weight fast

If you are worried about your weight then you use beetroot roasted with water. It not only reduce the weight but also it contains iron which solve our hair fall problem. Regular use of beetroot also very helpful for our skin to keep fresh and white.

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