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Markus Rühl is professional bodybuilder Top best and beautiful body builder of the USA.
Debi Laszewski
body builder

She is great USA bodybuilder. She got third position in in USA as beautiful bodybuilder of the USA. She also take part in the Olympic games. She belongs to Florida.
Nicole Bass bodybuilder
body builder

She is jack of all trade famous bodybuilder. It is said that she did much work as good actress and wrestling. As wrestler she also did work work in companies and take good position. She started wrestling career in 1998. It is said that she take hung quantity of steroid for this she had to take hospital in 2016..
body builder

Chyna was one of the best wrester in 1997 and great bodybuilder. Then she started work on film industry she proved herself in both field as professional and work great and get hug prominence. She also take part in Intercontinental Champion (1999–2000) and she was one of best woman who qualify this this championship.
Markus Rühl
body builder

He is very found of playing soccer. Markus Ruhl started his career of bodybuilding when he was 18 year old. he did much work hard on his shoulder so that is why he known as biggest shoulder holder of the world. He also take part in competitive in Olympia more then 21 time and got good position in all of them.
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