How to lose belly fat

In the modern age, having belly fat is one of the biggest problems of life. Without any gender discrimination, both men and women suffer from this problem. However, with proper food and exercise, you can eliminate the belly fat and get an absolutely flat stomach. A person with flat abs doesn’t only look graceful but he/she also has fewer chances of the heart diseases. So, here I will let you know how you can get a flat stomach in just a month.
How to lose belly fat


Firstly, you have to give up complete greasy and roasted things. The oily stuff helps you store more fats on your lower abs. Moreover, the processed food contains a huge amount of sodium which further increases fats. Instead of having the fast food items, you should take more fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and butter (butter is processed by stomach more quickly and effortlessly as compare to processed oils).  Adding more fibers to your food intake is an other essential element of the fat loss project.
Further recommendations are listed below:

Water Intake

How to lose belly fat

Take more water than the fizzy / cold drinks. A normal cold drink contains 200 calories and sugar. Take tea without sugar! This is very useful.

Aerobic exercise

How to lose belly fat

Twice a week, do an aerobic exercise that helps you enhance your lungs’ performance and endurance. You may opt a combination or any of the followings: Brisk Walk, Cycling, Dancing and Swimming.

Belly Exercise

How to lose belly fat

Perform the stomach workouts three days a week. You can go for crunches, crossover crunch, flutter kicks and heal touch.

Further easy tips to lose belly fat

- When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of moderately hot water.This is a very          good tool to reduce the belly fat and clear the skin complexion.
- Green tea is very helpful for losing belly fat. Take one cup of green tea after eating food.
-Taking one tea spoon of honey mixed in a cup of boiled water a day will do a wonder to reduce belly.   
- Remember when you stand to do not leave your abdomen loose.
- Having apple and banana decrease the belly fat.
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