Back exercises

Mostly bodybuilder does not prefer the back and neck exercises but the successful people only got success by this two back and neck exercises. Because it increases the beauty in our body mostly. Now I will tell you about the back exercise.

Lat pulldown

Back exercises

This exercise is done mostly at the gym or club. In this machine, there is attach the weight above the head by rope. Then catch the bar that is above the head. Then with slow speed take the arm blow. Wait one or two seconds. And then repeat it again and again. Please put our more attention on the cables and weight.

Machine pullover

Back exercises

As it is shown by name this work was also done by a machine. The site on a chair or table that have back. Then take a bar that is up then your length. That is already attached to the machine. But do exercise on this machine with full concentration. This exercise is best for upper lats. Because it has much space for moving.

One arm cable row

Back exercises

In the exercise stand with a machine which poly goes to the earth? Stand with proper distance from the machine. This exercise you can do the sit and also in stand position.


Back exercises

This exercise is mostly done at the school colleges and testing center. This is very easy you need the just iron pipe that has 10-foot height. If you do this exercise regularly it is very good for back muscles and neck muscles beauty and strength.

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