pregnancy symptoms

In female reproductive system there is two part like vagina and uterus. In some girl the age of menstruation age is like 11 to 12 year age. When in any girl there is start of Mahuary then that is meaning that she can keep pregnancy. In one mahuary to another there is a period of 48 gap. And keep two or four days. Its period very from one woman to another women.
pregnancy symptoms

Symptoms of pregnancy

To come gape of mahuary in many women is a sign of pregnancy
When you will do work then after that you will feel much tired it is also the sign of pregnancy
You’re eating capacity will be low or totally increase
Sleeping will be lose totally
In uterus you will feel pains
Every day you will feel vomiting and also you will do vomiting in one day two or three time.
Belly size will be increase

You will feel much about urine.
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