Hair Falling Out

Dear friend if you are worried about hair fall then do not worry about this. Because I bring great tips and trick for hair fall solution which is best for your health and as well as your hair. By this your hair fall problem will be reduce and your hair will be grow faster and shining.
For this you will have to follow these instruction

Hair Falling OutHair Falling Out

When you eat food please involves in the food beetroot.
Benefits of beetroot
It has lot of benefits
Regular usage of beetroot decrease the level of hair fall but with the passage of time totally stop hair falling
It also important for your face cleanliness
How to use it for hair fall
Take beetroot leaves and dry it and grind it
Take multani matti         
Ball Jar
With the proper quantity of these three things grind it and mix it
There will be a past type mixture create then before going to bed at night usage this mixture in your head

In two week your hair will grow fast and pores will be open fast, totally your hair will be so shining and smooth and thin.  
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